180C is a process-based performance which investigates the friction between memory and identity, within the current era of hyper-information and technological assimilation. Particularly how technology and social media are altering our ways of thinking and interacting with each other. Suspended in time between observation and expectation, the real and virtual. The performance draws parallels to obsessive compulsive and attention deficit disorders and attempts to locate the self in this equation, vis-a-vis the context of a live audience.  An intimate, disjointed journey, through the unpredictability and absurdity of the mind.

Developed within ‘Bridges’ residency program
by Pelma.Lia.Haraki in collaboration with NiMac (Nicosia Municipal Art Centre)

22.09.2019 – 8:30pm
@ Theatro Polis Opap
Palias Ilektrikis, Lefkosia

more info at liaharaki.com
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