Radio Silence

Marshall Vincent

Music Video by Ouroboros
Premiere out now at Numéro Berlin

Our film explores the silence – a melancholic space of isolation and longing. In this surreal state of mind, fantasy and reality get blurred; desires distort and shadows emerge.

Directed by Ouroboros
Cinematography: Sven Gutjahr
Performer: Kevin Bonono Gaffer: Tim Strecker
Production Designer: Nina Oswald
Stylist: Camille Pailler
Makeup & SFX: Eavan Derbyshire
Set Assistant: Cecilia Buffa
1st AC: Sarah Alikan
spark: Andre Harris
Production Assistant: Oscar Maio
Production & Post: OUROBOROS

Ouroboros collaborated with photographer and cinematographer Sven Gutjahr for Radio Silence video and In No Particular Order EP artwork.